Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Significance Of Music Education

When you think of school and education, you think of things like reading, writing, math, science, and history. These are significant, of course, but some things in schools that can help enhance those subjects are being cut. Some schools have forgotten about the importance of music education and what it really does for students.

Those that have music in some form or another do better in all subjects as it is good for the mind, body, and soul. If your school is thinking about cutting music programs to save money, you may want to stand up and ask if there is another way to save or raise the needed money to keep those programs alive.

One very small thing to consider in the importance of music education is the break it gives students from the grind of academic courses. A day filled with nothing but intense study is enough to cause anyone to crack. Those that have music education each day have a break from this and can unwind, relax and allow the creativity to flow. This is helpful in keeping grades up and student from feeling that school is nothing but a huge stresser. If they have something to look forward to, it makes sense that they are going to do better in other areas of study.

The importance of music education is also about how the mind processes music. This works the same parts of the brain that works on math, patterns, and rhythm. These are all essential for better learning in all areas. Music is a great way to work out the brain in ways that help it with all academic endeavors. Music education that helps with this falls in with music class, chorus, band, marching band, and other extracurricular act ivies that include making and enjoying music.
If you understand the importance of music education, there are a few things you can do. For one, have your children take advantage of whatever programs that you have so that they can enhance their education. Not all students want to take part in music programs, and that is okay, but if they are interested at all, encourage them to sign up and participate. They are going to love the programs and they are also going to benefit in ways that they do not see. You will know though, and that is all that counts. You will see it in their grades and stress levels.

Go to meetings and talk to the school and PTA about the importance of music education and programs if you know that some programs may be up for getting cut to meet a school budget. Do more research about what music does for educational pursuits and give the best arguments that you can come up with to save the programs.
Seek help from other parents that understand the power of music education and that feel the same way you do about saving these great classes, events, and programs. With enough people backing you and enough support from the community, these programs can be saved and other funding can be found in some cases.

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