Sunday, January 17, 2010

How Music Can Help Bring Out The Best In Your Child

Many of us enjoy music as it calms, energizes and also helps us focus while we are stressed. It also helps in the overall development of children. Studies indicate that music enhances the cognitive development in children.

Are you wondering if your child is old enough to seek music education? Well, to your surprise your child has been enjoying music since the time she/he was in your womb. Your baby has been enjoying the rhythm of your heartbeat while she/he was in your womb. Interesting, isn't it?

And haven't you noticed how a lullaby, when crooned into an infant's ear, can lull them to sleep? Music can be introduced at any age, no matter how small the child, and will prove beneficial to your child's development.

Giving private music lessons to your child can help improve his/her fine and gross motor skills by way of dance and handling of the musical instruments. It will also contribute in enabling your child's vocal and speech development.

Studies reveal that children interested in music are proficient in their academics as well. Children who are taught math, reading, writing in a musical way tend to possess higher concentration power and spatial reasoning. They also display better recall abilities too.

Kids who learn music also benefit while learning grammar and pronunciation, as they are able to quickly grasp the rhythm and accent. It helps them build social and emotional skills and also boosts their creativity to new levels.

Besides these benefits, kids also develop greater self-esteem and an enhanced capacity to learn new things. Kids learning music make better composers, as they are able to easily write or compose poetry and lyrics. Studies taught in a musical way will help your child remember things in a much better way and the recall rate is quite high.

Not only does music teach a great many things to your child but also it helps him create his own identity. Music is also a great stress buster, not only in grown-ups but also in kids. It does play an important part in helping the child reduce his/her level of physical pain. To sum up, if you use music wisely, you can create a stimulating world, which will enhance your child's overall development.

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